Pink Eye in Your Dog

Pink eye, known medically as conjunctivitis, occurs relatively frequently in humans. Did you know that it’s also rather common for dogs? Learn more about the pink eye in dogs in this article from a vet Westminster, MD.

The Cause of Pink Eye

“Conjunctivitis” means inflammation of the conjunctiva, the tissues around your dog’s eyes. Conjunctivitis can occur on its own or be secondary to another disease. So, there are many possible causes. Viral infections, bacterial infections, glaucoma, foreign bodies in the eye, allergies, and physical trauma to the eye are a few examples.

The Signs of Pink Eye

The main sign of pink eye is a red, inflamed eye or eyelid. You might also see eye discharge, frequent blinking, pawing at the eyes, and increased tear production. Conjunctivitis can occur in one eye at a time, but it most often occurs in both eyes at the same time.

Treating Pink Eye

A full eye exam is the first thing your vet will do. Treatment will depend on what’s causing the problem at its root. Anti-inflammatory medicine can be administered to lessen redness and inflammation in most cases.

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