Why is Water So Important for Fido?

Like just about all living creatures, your fido needs water to survive. Without enough water, your pup could experience organ failure and even death! But why is water so important, exactly? Learn more here from a vet Washington DC.

Fido Proper Hydration

Of course, water keeps your dog hydrated. Everybody functions needs water; good hydration keeps the body cool, regulates body temperature, and helps to lubricate joints in order to make movement easier.

Good Digestion

Water is also essential for the proper digestion of food. Water helps your fido’s tissues to absorb nutrients, which is, of course, the entire point of eating a healthy diet. Water also helps nutrients to move in and out of cells, and aids in toxin and waste removal from the body via urination.

Fido Dental Health Benefits

Drinking fresh water on a regular basis also benefits your pup’s teeth and gums. That’s because drinking water helps to flush out Fido’s mouth, keeping it free of grime and getting rid of excess plaque.

Want to learn more about your dog’s water consumption and nutritional needs? We’re here to help. Get in touch with your veterinary clinic Washington DC for all of your dog’s most important healthcare needs.