Watch Out for Winter Pet Toxins

Just because it’s wintertime and your pet is spending more time indoors with you and your family doesn’t mean that there’s no danger. In fact, there are several winter pet toxins to be aware of! Learn more below from your vet London, ON.


Antifreeze contains ethylene glycol, toxins alcohol that can poison pets even in small amounts. To make matters worse, ethylene glycol has a sweet smell and taste that may attract pets! Use antifreeze carefully when pets are inside, clean up any spills immediately, and store the chemical where pets can’t reach.

Ice Melt

Ice melt is usually made of sodium chloride, also known as salt. Too much can hurt your pet! In fact, a dangerous condition known as sodium ion poisoning can result if your pet were to ingest too much ice melt. When taking your pet outside, avoid ice melt if at all possible.


Place pesticides and rodenticides very carefully if you’re using them to ward off insect or rodent intruders this winter. These products can poison house pets, too! Choose non-toxins options or pet-safe pesticides whenever you can.

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