Choosing Treats for Obedience Training

Have you recently welcomed a puppy into your household? Planning on adding a furry tornado to your ranks soon? Obedience training is essential, and you’ll need the right treats for that. Your vets Frisco, TX tells you more below.

Small Treats

First of all, choose small dog treats. In general, the smaller the better. Since you’ll be giving your dog a lot of treats as he learns the ropes, you don’t want to give him a lot of excess calories. Plus, your dog will gobble up a tiny treat and then refocus on you for the next one, making training easier.

Soft Treats

Choose soft treats, not hard or chunky ones. Hard treats break apart, and your dog will become distracted chasing after the chunks scattered all over the floor. A soft treat, on the other hand, is easily swallowed so that your dog continues paying attention.

Smelly Treats

Do your best to choose treats with a stench to them. It’s very helpful for keeping your dog’s attention, especially if you’re training in a public place like a park. Usually, treats made with ingredients like bacon or cheese tend to be the smelliest.

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