Sphynx Cat Basics

Have you ever seen a Sphynx cat in person? They’re very unique animals—they’re characterized by their hairless bodies, large ears, and wide-set eyes. Below, your animal hospital Murrieta, CA tells you more about these fascinating feline specimens.

Sphynx’s History

Records of hairless cats date back to the early 1900s, but the Sphynx cats we know of today came from Toronto, Canada, in 1966. There, a random genetic mutation in a pair of domestic shorthair cats produced a hairless litter. The Sphynx has been spreading ever since!

The Sphynx’s Personality

Sphynx cats are high-energy pets who love to jump, run, and climb around. They’re friendly, inquisitive, and intelligent animals, and they make great pets for almost any family—including families with young children.

Sphynx’s Care Needs

For the most part, a sphynx has the same care requirements as other cats. Thanks to their hairless body, they will require extra bathing since body oil isn’t absorbed by fur. It’s also important that your Sphynx isn’t exposed to direct sunlight for very long, as they can get sunburnt easily.

Want to learn even more about Sphynx cats and their care needs? Contact your vet clinic Murrieta, CA. We’re here to help!