Tips for Taking Fido on a Road Trip

Thinking of going on a road trip by car soon? It’s a lot of fun to take your dog along. But it’s important to make sure Fido stays safe on your road trip. Use these tips from a veterinarian Aurora, CO to do just that:

Car Safety

Keep your dog secured, either with a safety buckle or by putting him in his crate, for the duration of the ride. Allowing your pup to roam free in the car is a recipe for disaster. Not only could he distract the driver, the results, if you were to get into an accident or stop sharply, could be disastrous.

Frequent Pit Stops

Remember to stop frequently to allow your dog to use the bathroom. Give Fido a small sip of water during these stops, and slip him a treat or two for doing so well.

Handling Carsickness

Does your dog get carsick? Try to combat this by withholding food for several hours before the car ride. You might also try cracking a few windows or playing music softly to help your pooch feel a little better.

For more tips on travel with your dog, contact your veterinarians Aurora, CO. We’re here for you!