Care Tips for Brachycephalic Dog Breeds

Do you have a brachycephalic dog? These breeds have squashed, flat faces with bulging eyes—the pug, English and French bulldog, Boston terrier, and Pekingese are a few examples. Learn more about the special care needs of these dogs in this article from a vet clinic Ellicott City, MD.

Keep Your Dog Cool

Thanks to brachycephalic breeds’ small nostrils, narrow windpipes, and elongated soft palates, breathing isn’t always easy. Your dog pants to cool down, so it’s very easy for their anatomy to make them over-exert in hot weather. Never over-exercise your dog and take extra steps to keep them cool.

Minimize Your Dog’s Stress

For the same reasons as described above, stress can be extra hard on your brachycephalic dog. Do your best to minimize stress in the home by keeping things calm and even-keeled whenever you can.

Keep Up With Dental Care

Because of brachycephalic dogs’ unique facial structure, their teeth tend to become crowded together, leading to an uptick in dental problems. Check your dog’s mouth regularly and brush the teeth with a canine-formulated toothpaste.

Does your brachycephalic pup need veterinary care? That’s where we come in. Call your veterinarians Ellicott City, MD to make an appointment.