The Danger of Marijuana for Your Cat

As marijuana continues to see wider use across the country, and as certain states and municipalities decriminalize the drug, veterinarians have seen an uptick in ingestion and poisoning in pets. It’s possible for a pot to poison your cat! Learn more here from a veterinarian Rochester, NY.

Can Cats Get High?

Yes, cats can technically get high, since the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana (THC) affects pets similarly to humans. A cat isn’t likely to be affected by inhaling smoke, though—poisoning occurs when a cat ingests marijuana. Since your pet is so much smaller than you, even a small amount of THC can have a much greater effect.

What is Poisoning Like?

A cat who has been exposed to THC may experience incontinence, hypersensitivity to touch and sound, coordination loss, or vomiting. And “edibles,” or foods made with marijuana as an ingredient, can prove even more dangerous since the butter, fat, or sugar that often accompanies these foods are very bad for pets.

What if My Cat Ingests Marijuana?

If your cat ingests marijuana, rush them to the emergency room for prompt treatment. The sooner, the better!

Call your animal hospital Rochester, NY today for more information on cats and marijuana.