Understanding Fluffy’s Hairballs

Have you ever seen your cat hack up a hairball? It doesn’t look like a pleasant experience. The question is, are hairballs harmful in any way? Read on as your pet clinic Folsom, CA answers your questions on Fluffy’s hairballs.

Why Do Hairballs Form, Exactly?

Hairballs form when your cat ingests her own fur in the process of grooming. Most of the hair that your cat swallows moves through the digestive tract and is expelled in the fecal matter, but some of it remains in the gut and clumps together. That clump is eventually regurgitated, along with a bit of stomach fluid.

Do Hairballs Harm My Cat?

No. The occasional hairball is a normal part of your cat’s life and doesn’t cause her harm. But if your cat is coughing up hairballs frequently, let your vet know. And if you see Fluffy gagging and retching but not producing anything, rush her to the veterinary emergency room—it’s possible that she’s choking.

How Can I Minimize Hairball Production?

Feed your cat a good diet to promote skin health and minimize shedding. Brush her daily to trap loose fur.

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