Three Easy Ways to Improve Your Dog’s Coat Quality

Your dog does spend some time grooming himself, but it’s largely up to you to make sure Fido’s coat stays healthy over time. Luckily, that can be accomplished with just a few simple steps. Learn more below from your vets Bend, OR.

Feed a Great Diet

Did you know that your dog’s diet has a lot to do with his coat quality? Feeding your dog a well-balanced food that contains all the proper nutrients keeps the skin and fur healthy. Plus, a healthy coat means less shedding and therefore less fur all over your home.

Brush Regularly

Brush your dog on a regular basis in order to trap loose fur in the brush itself and spread essential skin oils throughout the coat. This moisturizes the fur naturally and cuts down on shedding. Consult your vet for a recommendation on the right brush type for your dog’s fur.

Keep Up With Pest Preventatives

Few things ruin a good-looking coat of fur faster than a pest infestation. Keep your pup up-to-date on pest preventatives to ward off fleas, ticks, and worms.

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