3 Great Reasons to Keep Fluffy Indoors

Your cat is almost always safer indoors with you and your family, rather than roaming outdoors. There are many outdoor hazards that our feline friends face! Learn more below in this article from a vet London, ON. 

Lower Poisoning Risk

There are plenty of potential poisons outdoors that can harm our cats. The list includes antifreeze, fertilizers, and pesticides, among many others. When your cat stays indoors, she’s at a far lower risk for coming into contact with these substances. 

Lower Parasite Risk

Of course, cats are at a much higher risk of coming into contact with parasites such as fleas, ticks, and parasitic worms when they spend time outdoors. Keeping your cat inside and having her stay up to date with a great flea-and-tick preventative, as well as a heartworm medicine, is a great way to avoid any danger. 

No contact with Vehicles

It’s all too easy for your cat to be hit by a car during her ventures outdoors. Death by vehicle is one of the leading causes of death in outdoor cats. By keeping Fluffy inside, you completely avoid this risk! 

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