Why is Play Important for Pets?

Everyone knows that pets love to play. After all, it’s just good plain fun. But playtime is actually important for many reasons. Learn more below from your vet Boulder, CO. 


Of course, the major benefit of regular playtime is that your pet gets good exercise. When your pet receives physical activity on a daily basis, they burn excess calories and stay trim and fit. Plus, they’ll better behave as they get out their pent-up energy.


Your pet’s brain is just as important as their physical body. And playtime is the main avenue through which the brain gets exercise. Mental stimulation is very important for your pet’s behavior and overall well-being, so get them moving every day. 


Don’t forget that regular playtime is very important for bonding time between pets and owners. The relationship that you share with your animal companion is extremely important, and playing together is a great way to strengthen it. The two of you will come to trust each other in an even deeper way, simply through playing! 

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