Why Grooming is Good for Your Dog

How often do you groom your dog? It’s an important step in Fido’s care routine, especially if your pup has long hair. Here, your veterinarian Boulder, CO explains why grooming is so important for your canine companion.

Skin and Fur Health

First and foremost, grooming your dog is the best way to maintain healthy skin and a shiny, smooth, healthy coat of fur. Brushing removes dirt and grime, smooths out the hair, and prevents tangles and mats. And it spreads skin oils through the coat to moisturize it naturally!

Topical Health Check

Grooming doubles as the perfect time to check your dog’s body for any lumps or bumps. Our canine friends can often develop small lumps that are perfectly benign, but you’ll want to have them checked out any way to be safe.

Bonding Time

Of course, grooming time offers another benefit: it’s an opportunity to connect with your pooch one-on-one. The relationship you share with your canine friend is very important, and you can nurture it with quality time spent together. Grooming facilitates that!

Does your dog have particular grooming needs? Have a question about your pup’s hair care? We’re here to help. Call your vet clinic Boulder, CO today.