Keeping Your Pooch Safe at the Beach

It’s always a lot of fun to take your dog to the beach, and your canine companion will almost certainly love the experience. But be sure to take some extra precautions for Fido’s safety. Your veterinarian Salem, VA tells you more here.

Swimming Safety

Always go into the water with your dog if he’s keen on swimming. Even dogs that are strong swimmers can be startled by ocean currents, and you don’t want your pup venturing too far out. Stay in the shallows to play it safe.

Fresh Water to Drink

Don’t let your dog drink the salty ocean water, as it could make him sick or, at the very least, thirsty. Bring along a large thermos of cool, fresh water to give to your dog so that he stays hydrated throughout your beach day.

Shade and Sunscreen

Bring a beach umbrella or another structure to provide shade for your family members as well as Fido. And consider purchasing a canine-formulated sunscreen to apply to your dog’s exposed skin—dogs can get sunburnt, too!

Want more advice on taking your dog to the beach? We’re here to help. Contact your vet clinic Salem, VA today to speak to the professionals.