Understanding Fido’s Vaccines

Is your dog vaccinated properly? It’s one of the key elements for a healthy, happy life. Here, your veterinarian Roanoke, VA tells you more about the basics of Fido’s vaccination needs.

Core Vaccines

The core vaccines are considered essential for almost every dog based on the contagious and/or dangerous nature of the diseases they protect against. Core vaccines include things like the distemper, parvovirus, hepatitis, and rabies vaccines. They’re usually given together in a batch when your dog is very young.

Non-Core Vaccines

Non-core vaccines aren’t essential for all dogs, but they might help a particular dog based on his or her circumstances. The Bordetella vaccination is one example; the Bordetella bacteria causes kennel cough, so a dog who will probably be boarded later in life might do well to receive this vaccine.

Booster Shots

Most vaccines need booster shots every year or every few years to help them remain effective over time. Ask your vet for more information on booster shot scheduling; many pet owners have their dog’s vaccines updated as necessary during their normal twice-annual veterinary appointments.

To get started on your dog’s vaccine regimen, contact your veterinary clinic Roanoke, VA today to set up an office appointment.