How to Trick Fido Into Taking His Pill

Do you own a dog? It’s a safe bet that you’ll have to give them a pill at some point or another. This isn’t always the easiest task—you might need to trick your dog into swallowing his medication! Here are a few tips from your vet Newmarket, ON.

The Tossing Trick

If your dog likes catching treats in mid-air, use it against him! Toss a few dog treats to your pup, then the pill, then another treat. If you’re lucky, your dog won’t even notice the difference.

Hide It in Food

Ask your vet if your pet’s medication is safe to be given with food. If it is, press it into the center of a glob of wet dog food or a soft dog treat, or try rolling it up in a slice of deli meat. Your pup might be so grateful for the morsel that he won’t even realize there’s medication inside.

Crush and Sprinkle

Sometimes, you can crush a pill and sprinkle the powder over Fido’s meals. Ask your vet first, though—crushing some medicines can render them ineffective.

For help with your dog’s medication regimen, contact your vet clinic Newmarket, ON. We’re always here to help!