Tips on Senior Cat Care

How old is your feline friend? If they’re over the age of seven or so, they’re approaching senior status quickly. It’s important to take extra-special care of your older cat! Use these tips from a pet clinic Boulder, CO to do just that:

Feed the Right Diet

Your older cat has very different nutritional needs than a kitten does. Make sure that her diet reflects that fact. Feed your senior cat a formula made just for the needs of older cats, and don’t forget to give it to her in proper portion size. Ask your vet for a recommendation on a good food choice, as well as an appropriate serving size.

Help Out With Grooming

It may not be as easy as it once was for your cat to twist and turn in order to groom herself, especially if arthritis pain is setting in. Groom your cat yourself with a brush; this will be a big help to her!

Schedule Veterinary Checkups

Last but not least, make sure your cat is examined frequently by your veterinarian. In her older age, it’s important to catch any health concerns early on.

Set up your cat’s appointment with your vet clinic Boulder, CO.