Can Pets Get a Rash from Poison Ivy?

Poison ivy rashes are one of the more annoying parts of warm weather for humans. The question is, can pets suffer the same thing? Yes, pets can get poison ivy rashes, although it isn’t particularly common. Learn more below from a vet Oshawa, ON.


A red, itchy rash is the main symptom of poison ivy in pets, just as it is in humans. It’s possible for blistering and swelling to occur as well. Note that the rash is most likely to appear on areas of the body that aren’t completely covered by fur; your pet’s fur tends to block the irritation substance—urushiol—from reaching the skin.


A pet suffering from a poison ivy rash will need to be bathed with warm water and a special shampoo designed to reduce inflammation. Dish soap can also work in a pinch—get approval from your veterinarian. And be sure to wear latex gloves so that the irritating substance doesn’t’ get transferred onto your own skin.

How to Prevent the Problem

“Leaves of three, leave them be.” Look out for poison plants when outdoors with your pet!

Call your animal hospital Oshawa, ON to learn more about poison ivy in pets.