Your Cat’s Whiskers

Take a look at your feline friend. Without a doubt, she has whiskers sprouting from her face. Have you ever wondered what these specialized hairs are used for? It turns out that they’re essential for your cat’s everyday functions! Learn more here from veterinarians Frisco, TX. 

What Whiskers Do

Whiskers are powerful sensory organs and are very sensitive thanks to the cluster of nerves at the base of each one. Whiskers detect changes in air currents, and they help to determine the size, location, and texture of objects or surfaces in her environment. This information is sent to Fluffy’s brain to paint a picture of the world around her, coupled with other senses like sight and touch. 

How Whiskers Indicate a Cat’s Mood

When the whiskers are pulled back across the face, Fluffy is alarmed. When they’re sticking out sideways, your cat is calm. Take a look at your cat’s whiskers to try and get an idea of what she’s thinking or feeling.

To Trim or Not To Trim

Never trim your cat’s whiskers—it can disorient her and cause serious problems!

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