Keep Your Pet Away From Xylitol

Have you ever heard of xylitol? Even if the answer is no, it’s something that you probably have in your home right now! Xylitol is an artificial sugar substitute commonly found in candies, gum, some toothpaste, certain baked goods, and a variety of other products. It’s okay for humans but it’s very dangerous for pets! Learn more here from a vet Anderson, IN.

The Symptoms of Poisoning

The symptoms of xylitol poisoning, which can appear in as little as 30 minutes after ingestion, include things like lethargy, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and—if your pet doesn’t receive treatment quickly—seizures and even death. Obviously, it’s a serious problem!

Treating Xylitol Poisoning

If you know or suspect that your pet has eaten something made with xylitol, rush them to the veterinary emergency room for treatment. Your vet may give your pet activated charcoal, which helps to slow the toxin’s absorption in the gut, or the stomach may need to be flushed. Pets will probably need fluid replacement and close monitoring as they recover.

Preventing the Problem

Prevent xylitol poisoning by keeping all sweets and other xylitol-based products out of your pet’s reach.

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