3 Things That Great Nutrition Does for Your Pet

Every pet owner is well aware that good nutrition is essential for their animal companion’s long and healthy life. But have you ever wondered how good nutrition really impacts your four-legged friend? Read on as your vet London, ON explains three major benefits of good nutrition.

It Improves Skin and Fur Health

Essential nutrients—especially fatty acids like omega-3 and omega-6, in this casework to improve your pet’s hair follicles and skin. This makes for a healthy, smooth, and well-moisturized coat of fur. If your pet’s coat could use a boost, nutrition is the first place to start.

It Prevents Disease

Great nutrition also bolsters your pet’s immune system, helping them to fight off diseases when they present a danger. Vitamins and minerals play a key role, as they reduce damage to the cells and keep them functioning properly. Along with proper vaccination, great nutrition is essential for fighting off disease and illness.

It Boosts Digestive Health

Carbohydrates provide your pet with fiber, which assists in digestion and elimination of waste. This way, your pet’s body uses the nutrients it needs and eliminates the materials that it doesn’t.

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