3 Water Safety Tips for Dogs

Does your dog go swimming? Whether you take FIdo to the local lake, the beach, or your own backyard pool, there are a few safety tips to follow when introducing your dog to the water. Here, your veterinarian Roanoke, VA tells you more.

Can Your Dog Swim?

Before letting your dog take a dunk, make sure they can swim. Contrary to popular belief, all dogs are not strong swimmers. In fact, some breeds cannot swim at all, and it would be very unsafe to put them in the water! Make sure your pup can swim before letting him explore the pool.

Staying Hydrated

It’s important for your dog to stay hydrated while exercising—just not with the water that he’s swimming in. Don’t let your dog drink salt water from a public body of water or chlorinated pool water. It could make your pooch sick. Instead, have a thermos or dish of freshwater for your dog to enjoy.

The Final Rinse

Don’t leave chlorine or saltwater in your dog’s coat, as it could dry out the skin and lead to a dull, dry coat. Rinse them off completely with fresh water.

For more tips, contact your animal hospital Roanoke, VA.