Why Xylitol is So Dangerous for Pets

Have you ever heard of xylitol? It’s an artificial sugar found in many candies, gums, certain baked goods, toothpaste, and other products, and it’s highly toxic for pets. Your veterinarian Jacksonville, FL elaborates below.

Symptoms of Poisoning

Xylitol is so dangerous because your pet’s pancreas mistakes it for real sugar, and releases insulin in response. This causes a dramatic and sudden drop in blood pressure. Symptoms include lethargy, nausea, vomiting or diarrhea, and—if treatment isn’t given quickly—seizures or even death.

Treating Xylitol Poisoning

A pet who has ingested a product made with xylitol should be rushed to the emergency room. The stomach may be flushed, or activated charcoal may be given to slow the toxin’s absorption in the stomach. As the pet recovers, supportive measures like fluid replacement and oxygen supplementation might be needed.

Preventing the Problem

Fortunately for pet owners, preventing xylitol poisoning before it happens is easy. Restrict your pet’s access to any and all sweet treats, as well as other products containing xylitol, such as toothpaste. Store these items in areas where pets can’t reach.

Want more great tips on keeping your pet safe at home? Contact your local animal hospital Jacksonville, FL for help.