Finding a Lump or Bump on Your Cat

It’s one of the most frightening things to experience as a cat owner—you’re petting your beloved companion and suddenly find a lump or bump on her skin. What do you do next? Here, your vet Rochester, NY fills you in.

Different Kinds of Lumps

A lump will be classified in one of two categories: benign (non-cancerous) or malignant (cancerous). Benign lumps that aren’t causing any problems may simply be left where they are. They’ll need to be removed if they’re restricting Fluffy’s movement or causing other problems, and malignant lumps will of course need to be removed immediately.

Treating Lumps

The majority of lumps will be removed surgically. Sometimes, cryosurgery is used, which involves using extremely cold liquid nitrogen to remove the tissue. Cancerous lumps, of course, may call for radiation or chemotherapy treatment in addition to surgical removal.

Early Detection is Key          

The earlier you detect and report a lump to your veterinarian, the better. Time is of the essence! Run your hands over your cat’s body on a regular basis, and let your vet know right away if you find something that concerns you.

Want to learn more about lumps on cats? Call your veterinarian Rochester, NY.