Learning More About Fluffy’s Whiskers

One thing that all of our feline friends share in common is the fact that they have whiskers. They’re easy to overlook, but they’re highly important for your cat! Learn more about these specialized hairs in this article from veterinarians Portland, OR.

What Whiskers Do, Exactly

Whiskers are very sensitive thanks to the cluster of nerves at the base of each one, making them powerful sensory organs. Whiskers help your cat determine the size, location, and texture of objects and surfaces in her environment, and they can also detect changes in air currents. Along with the other senses like sight and smell, your cat’s whiskers help her brain paint a picture of the world around her.

Gauging Fluffy’s Mood

When your cat’s whiskers are sticking out sideways from her face like normal, she’s feeling calm. If they’re pulled back across the face, your cat is probably alarmed. Try using the whisker position to get a better idea of what your cat is feeling.

Should You Trim Whiskers?

No—don’t trim your cat’s whiskers under any circumstance. It would be like taking away an entire sense!

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