Don’t Believe Shelter-Pet Misconceptions!

There is a side to rescue work and animal shelters that isn’t exactly glamorous—maybe that’s why shelter pets sometimes get a bad rap. Don’t believe everything you hear! Below, your pet clinic New Orleans, LA sets the record straight.

Shelter Pets Are Dirty

This isn’t true. Shelter pets are not filthy animals held in horrible conditions. On the contrary, shelter staff works diligently to make sure the facilities and the pets inside of them are clean—it’s important for preventing the spread of disease.

Shelter Pets Poorly behave

Shelter pets are no worse or better behaved than any other pet—don’t assume that a rescued pet will poorly behave. They may have already lived with a family, and many will know basic and advanced commands or even tricks!

Shelter Pets Are Expensive

While expense is relative, adopting a pet from a rescue facility will almost always be cheaper than purchasing directly from a breeder or a pet store. Plus, things like initial vaccinations and a microchip may very well be included in the adoption fee, saving you even more money.

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