Your Puppy’s Teething Timeline

Have you recently adopted a puppy? Congratulations! There’s plenty of things to concern yourself with, and teething is one of them. To understand the teething process better, read on as your veterinarian Aurora, CO tells you more. 

The First Few Weeks

A newborn puppy doesn’t have any teeth, just like a human baby. The baby teeth (sometimes called milk teeth) will start to grow in around two weeks of age. The puppy should still be receiving the mother’s milk at this stage, either from the mother herself or by bottle-feeding. 

6 Weeks to 16 Weeks

Most puppies have all 28 baby teeth by about 6 weeks of age. A few weeks later, around 12 weeks, those puppy teeth will begin being pushed out of the mouth by the adult teeth. This can cause your dog some discomfort, so expect additional chewing at this stage. 

6 Months and Above

By six months of age, all of your puppy’s baby teeth will have fallen out and been replaced by the 42 adult teeth. If you see baby teeth remaining in the mouth at this stage, let your vet know. 

Want to learn more about your puppy’s growth? Call your pet clinic Aurora, CO.