Common Reasons for Cats to Shun Their Litter Boxes

Around one in every 10 cats experiences a litter box aversion at some point in their lives. That’s a lot of eliminating on carpets and floors! If your cat has seemingly given up on her bathroom, you must find out why. Here, your pet clinic Derby tells you about the most common possibilities. 

It’s Not Clean Enough

Your cat isn’t fond of using a dirty bathroom. Who can blame her? If you don’t scoop out your cat’s box often enough, she might decide to avoid it entirely. We recommend scooping out the box daily or every other day and replacing the litter entirely every one to two weeks for maximum freshness. 

It’s Not Placed Properly

Cats can be rather picky about where their box is located. To avoid any trouble, put it in a quiet area of the house where Fluffy can use her bathroom in peace. If she’s disturbed too often when going to the bathroom, she’ll probably shun it altogether. 

A Medical Issue is to Blame

If you can’t find another cause for Fluffy’s behavior, a medical issue like a UTI could be the root cause. Call your animal hospital Derby right away to get your cat checked out.