Understanding Hairballs in Cats

Hairballs are one of those things that comes with the territory if you own a cat. If you’ve ever seen your cat cough one up, you know it doesn’t seem very pleasant. But are hairballs harmful to cats? Your veterinarian Leesburg, VA fills you in below. 

Why Do Hairballs Occur?

Hairballs happen because your cat grooms herself, picking up loose hair from the coat and swallowing it. Most of that swallowed hair moves through the digestive tract and gets expelled in the fecal matter, but some stay in the gut to form a hairball.

Do Hairballs Pose Any Risk?

The occasional hairball is a normal part of life for your pet. If hairballs become frequent, though, something could be causing your cat to shed more than usual or she could have a digestive or gastrointestinal issue of some kind. Let your vet know as soon as you think something is wrong. 

How Can I Help My Cat Have Fewer Hairballs?

Brush your cat regularly—this traps loose fur in the brush, preventing her from swallowing it. And feed Fluffy a high-quality diet to promote skin and fur health and less shedding.

Contact your animal hospital Leesburg, VA to learn more about hairballs.