Why Spay or Neuter Pets?

Almost any veterinarian will tell you that spaying and neutering pets is a good idea. But have you ever wondered why it’s so important? Here, your vet  Virginia Beach, VA tells you about a few great reasons to have your pet spayed or neutered. 

Health Benefits

Pets who have been spayed or neutered are at virtually no risk for genital cancers, and the chances of prostate, breast, and other cancer types are greatly reduced as well. Plus, more common issues like UTIs are less likely to occur in pets who have had the procedure done. It’s a great thing for your pet’s health! 

Improved Behavior

Spaying or neutering won’t make your pet a perfect angel right away. But it does tend to improve bad behaviors like house soiling, aggression, chewing and scratching, attempted escapes, and more. That’s a good thing for most pet owners! 

The Broader Benefit

When pets are allowed to breed unchecked, it contributes to the homeless pet population, which is already much larger than it should be. Don’t be a part of the problem—have your pet spayed or neutered for the greater good.

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