Water Safety Tips for Your Canine Companion

Does your dog like to swim? You might enjoy taking your pooch to the lake or for a dip in your pool as the summer winds down. Just make sure Fido stays safe. Here are a few tips from a vet Anderson, IN. 

Don’t Drink the Water

Make sure your dog doesn’t drink the water he’s swimming in, whether it’s from a public body of water or the backyard pool. Bacteria and other contaminants present a serious risk, and chlorinated pool water isn’t good for your pet either. 

Support Your Pooch

It’s best to go into the water with your dog and offer him support, especially if he’s not an experienced swimmer. And it’s important in the ocean, where dogs might not be used to strong rip currents or changing tides. 


Rinse out your dog’s coat with fresh water from a shower or garden hose after he’s done swimming. Leaving salt water or chlorine in the coat can dry out the skin, leading to a coarse coat and increased shedding. 

Want more safety tips for your dog’s next swimming adventure? We’re always here to help. Get in touch with your animal hospital Anderson, IN to speak with the professionals.