Why Do Cats Cough Up Hairballs?

Do you own a cat? It’s a safe bet you’ve seen them cough up a hairball at least a few times. It’s part of life for our feline friends, but are hairballs harmful in any way? Learn more here from a vet Bend, OR. 

Why Do Hairballs Form?

When a cat grooms herself, the tongue picks up loose hair, which gets swallowed. Most of that hair moves through Fluffy’s digestive system and is expelled in the feces. Some remain in the gut, though, and forms into a hairball. When it gets too big, your cat’s system regurgitates it!

Are They Dangerous?

No, the occasional hairball isn’t dangerous and is perfectly normal, unpleasant as it may seem. When your cat starts coughing up hairballs frequently, though, something might be causing her to shed more and swallow more hair. Talk to your vet if you think Fluffy’s hairballs are getting out of hand. 

How Can I Help My Cat Have Fewer Hairballs? 

Brush your cat regularly to trap loose fur in your brush. Feed your pet a great diet for a healthy coat with minimal shedding. These simple steps can greatly reduce hairballs!

Call your pet clinic Bend, OR for more information.