How to Control a Smelly Litter Box

While your cat’s litter box probably won’t ever smell lovely, it shouldn’t smell awful, either. And because cats are known to shun their litter boxes if they’re too dirty or smelly, it’s worth keeping your pet’s bathroom clean! Here, your vet Rochester, NY tells you how to control those stinky odors. 

Scoop Regularly

There’s no substitute for regularly scooping out your cat’s box. Do it every day or every other day, and change the litter out entirely about once a week or so. This should ensure that things stay fresh. 

Change the Litter Type

You might need to experiment a little with non-clumping or clumping litters, scented versions, multi-cat litters, and other types to find out what controls odor best. Not all litters are created equal, after all! 

Add Ventilation

Litter boxes tend to smell worse when they’re located in a tiny room with no ventilation. If possible, place your cat’s box in an airy, open space for a little airflow. It will help with the stench! 

Is your cat refusing to use her litter box? Veterinary attention might be necessary. Set up an appointment with your animal hospital Rochester, NY to have your cat examined. We’re here to help!