Brachycephalic Breed Care Tips

Brachycephalic dogs are those with squashed, flat faces and bulging eyes, such as the Boston terrier, English, and French Bulldog, Pug, or Pekingese. These adorable dogs have some special care needs! Learn more here from a pet clinic in Marietta, GA. 

Don’t overdo exercise.

Brachycephalic breeds have elongated soft palates, narrow nostrils, and small windpipes. All of this makes it harder for them to recover after strenuous exercise. So, don’t overdo it. Keep exercise sessions and walks short. 

Keep your dog cool and calm.

Be especially vigilant about your dog’s exercise in hot weather—because of the anatomical features listed above, your dog can quickly become exhausted when it’s hot outside. And do your best to keep him calm throughout the day, because Brachys can suffer if they become overly stressed and anxious. 

Keep an eye on dental health. 

Your dog’s unique facial structure tends to crowd the teeth together in the mouth. That’s a recipe for dental issues. Keep a close eye on your dog’s dental health and be sure to brush the teeth on a regular basis. 

Want help with your Brachycephalic dog’s care needs? We’re always here for you. Call your veterinary clinic Marietta, GA to make an appointment.