Learn More About Fluffy’s Whiskers

One thing that all of our feline friends have in common is whiskers. You’ve undoubtedly noticed these long hairs sprouting from your cat’s face, but have you ever wondered what they do? Learn more about your cat’s whiskers in this article from an animal hospital in London, ON. 

The Point of Whiskers

Each whisker has a cluster of nerves at its base, making the whiskers very sensitive. They detect changes in air currents and also help your cat to determine the placement, size, and texture of objects or surfaces around her. Coupled with the other senses like sight and touch, your cat’s whiskers serve as a kind of “sixth sense” to help your pet see the world.

Mood Indicating Whiskers

If you see your pet’s whiskers pulled tightly back across the cheeks, she’s probably alarmed or frightened. If they’re sticking straight out from the face in a casual manner, your cat is feeling normal and calm. Try using your cat’s whiskers as a gauge of her mood! 

Trimming Fluffy’s Whiskers: A Big No-No

Never trim your cat’s whiskers for any reason. You’d be removing one of your pet’s important senses!

Learn more about your cat’s behavior by calling your veterinarian in London, ON.