Why Play is Important for Your Pup

Everyone knows that dogs love to play. It’s just part of being a dog! But what you may not be aware of is that playtime is actually essential for your dog’s overall health and well-being. Here, your veterinarians Scottsdale, AZ tells you why. 

It exercises your dog.

A dog who is playing regularly is also exercising, and that’s good for your dog’s health throughout life. Be sure to get your dog moving on a daily basis to work off excess calories and keep your dog trim. Ask your vet about the best play techniques for your canine companion. 

It provides mental stimulation.

Dogs who don’t receive regular play aren’t being stimulated enough. And when the mind isn’t kept active, dogs tend to act out. You can avoid or lessen a lot of undesirable behaviors—house soiling, aggression, escape attempts, loud vocalizations, and more—by making sure your dog’s mind stays engaged through play.

It helps you bond. 

Playtime also serves as a great opportunity for you and your dog to bond. Spending time together having fun is simply a great way to strengthen your relationship! 

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