Antibiotics for Dogs and Cats

You’ve probably heard of antibiotics. You’ve probably taken them yourself at one point or another! Antibiotics are also very useful in veterinary medicine—learn more here from a vet clinic New Orleans, LA.

How do antibiotics work?

Antibiotics treat bacterial infections. That can mean internal infections inside of your pet’s body or external infections on the skin. These medicines work by preventing bacteria from multiplying, interfering with bacteria cells’ capacity to repair themselves, or by weakening bacteria cells themselves. 

How are they administered to pets?

Antibiotics that treat internal infections usually come in a pill or capsule form, or it may come in a liquid form. (Note that some oral antibiotics should be given with food to help absorption, while some must be given on an empty stomach.) Antibiotics for external infections might come in an ointment or cream form, which get applied directly to your pet’s skin. 

Are antibiotics safe for pets?

Yes, antibiotics are a very safe and effective treatment method for infections in pets. There is some chance of side effects like vomiting or diarrhea, but this isn’t common. 

Want to learn more about antibiotics and their role in veterinary medicine? Contact your veterinarian New Orleans, LA today.