Why Play is Essential for Your Dog

Everyone knows that our dogs love to play. And it’s for a simple reason: it’s a lot of fun! But playtime is actually important for your dog’s health, too. Learn why below from vets Anderson, IN. 


A dog who plays regularly exercises regularly. It’s as simple as that! Getting your pet moving on a daily basis via playtime is good for their physical health—it burns off excess calories and keeps the muscles and joints limber. 

Brain Stimulation

Playing is also your dog’s way of working out their brain. It’s important that they are stimulated mentally, or else they might start acting out in undesirable ways. Playing can help alleviate behavior problems like aggression, chewing, scratching, attempted escape, loud vocalizations, and more. 

Quality Bonding

When you spend time playing with your dog, the two of you are bonding. And that’s important for your relationship moving forward. When your dog feels connected with you and they’re having fun, the bond that the two of you share gets stronger and deeper. 

Want advice on the best toy options for your dog? Wondering what style of play your dog might like? Call your vet clinic Anderson, IN for help from the professionals.