What to Know About Rabies in Pets

Thanks to modern vaccination and wild-animal control protocols, rabies isn’t something that we typically have to worry about in our house pets. Still, it’s important to take a few precautions to make sure your pet stays at low risk. Learn more here from your animal hospital Columbia, MD.

Vaccinate your pet. 

Your pet should be vaccinated against the rabies virus when they’re young. If you’re unsure whether or not your pet was vaccinated for rabies, get in touch with your vet right away. It’s because of widespread, effective vaccination that rabies is under control, so make sure your pet isn’t part of the problem. 

Supervise while outdoors.

Don’t let your pet roam around outdoors without close supervision. That’s how they come in contact with wild animals, which can carry rabies. When you’re close by, wild animals are more likely to be scared off, and you can call your pet back immediately if necessary. 

Spay or neuter your pet. 

Pets who are spayed or neutered are less likely to feel the urge to roam in order to find a mate. It’s a great way to keep your pet healthy.

Make your pet’s spay or neuter appointment with your veterinarians Columbia, MD.