Brushing Fido’s Pearly Whites

Plaque and tartar can build up on your dog’s teeth when they’re not cleaned regularly. And that can lead to serious health trouble, like gingivitis, gum disease, and more. Here, your veterinarian San Antonio, TX tells you how to brush your dog’s pearly whites in three easy steps: 

Gather your supplies.

Head to your local pet store to pick up a pet toothbrush, a canine-specific toothpaste (never use human toothpaste!), and a few tasty dog treats. Sit down with your dog when you’re ready to begin.

Introduce the paste and start brushing.

Allow Fido to smell and taste the toothpaste, and try rubbing his gums with your finger to get him used to the sensation of brushing. Slowly, begin brushing with the real thing, taking frequent breaks if necessary. 

Repeat and reward.

When your dog is comfortable, work your way around the whole mouth with even pressure. Focus on the outer tooth surfaces, where plaque tends to build up. Reward your dog with a treat for a job well done. 

It’s recommended that you brush your dog’s teeth every day for the best results. Talk to your pet clinic San Antonio, TX for more advice on your dog’s dental health routine.