Easy Care Tips for Your Senior Dog

Is your dog getting up there in years? While the exact age that a dog is considered “old” varies depending on breed, your aging dog could use some extra-special care. Here, your vet clinic Louisville, KY tells you what to do.

Feed the right diet. 

Your senior dog’s nutritional needs have changed quite a bit from years ago when he was a puppy. His diet should change with the times, too. Feed your aging pup a senior-formulated diet that’s made just for the needs of older dogs. Ask your vet to recommend a great choice. 

Keep up with preventatives. 

A flea or tick infestation, not to mention an infestation by parasitic worms like heartworm, roundworm, or hookworm, can sideline your older dog’s health quickly. And it’s harder for senior dogs to recover. Prevent the problem entirely with preventative medications. Talk to your vet if your dog is in need.

See your vet regularly. 

Last but not least, regular checkups at the vet’s office are key for your senior dog’s good health as time goes on. They allow your vet to catch any health concerns early and resolve them easily. 

Set up your dog’s next office visit with your vets Louisville, KY.