Probiotics and How They Can Benefit Your Pet

Have you ever heard of probiotics? Think of them as the opposite of antibiotics—while antibiotics kill bad bacteria, probiotics promote healthy bacteria. That can be as good for your pet as it is for you! Learn more below from your vet Tampa, FL. 

What’s a probiotic?

Probiotics are beneficial microbes living in your pet’s intestinal tract. They destroy pathogens, help to digest food, and manufacture certain key nutrients. Probiotics generally work to maintain the proper microbial balance in your pet’s gut, which can benefit a pet’s entire health. 

How could a probiotic help my pet?

Probiotics are often prescribed when a pet needs help managing a digestive issue. And it’s even possible that maintaining a good balance of microbes in the gut can make your pet feel less stressed! Ask your vet for more insight into the benefits of probiotics. 

Does my pet need a probiotic? 

Give your vet a call before giving your pet a probiotic supplement—that way, you know it’s safe for your animal companion.  

Would you like more information about probiotics, or about your pet’s nutritional needs or diet in general? That’s where we come in. Contact your veterinarians Tampa, FL to speak to the professionals.