Why is My Cat Sneezing So Much?

Have you ever heard your cat sneeze? It’s something that just about every cat does now and then, just like you. But sneezing can also indicate some health problems, as it can in humans or in other animals. Learn more here as your vet clinic Frisco, TX elaborates. 

Why do cats sneeze?

The most common reason that cats sneeze is for the same reason you do—they might have a bit of foreign material in the nasal passages, like dirt, pollen, or dust. If your cat sneezes once or twice, this is probably the cause, and it’s nothing to worry about. But health problems can also cause sneezing, such as respiratory infections, bacterial infections, fungal infections, and even dental disease. 

When is it time to call the vet? 

If your cat sneezes once or twice, there’s no cause for concern. It’s when sneezing becomes frequent that you might want to call the vet. And if you see other symptoms accompanying the sneezing—coughing or wheezing, loss of appetite, nasal discharge, etc.—then you’ll want to have your cat see their veterinarian immediately. 

Does your cat need to be examined at the vet’s office? Schedule her appointment by calling your pet clinic Frisco, TX.