Why is My Cat Sneezing?

You’ve probably heard your feline friend sneeze before. It’s a natural part of life for your pet, just like it for most mammals. But sneezing could also indicate a problem, especially if it happens frequently. Learn more below from a vet clinic Aurora, CO. 

What’s making my cat sneeze?

Most of the time, your cat sneezes for the same reason that you do—something has irritated their nostrils or nasal passages, like a bit of dirt, dust, or pollen. If a cat sneezes once or twice, it’s probably nothing to worry about, as it’s just their system expelling the irritant. Bear in mind, though, that health concerns like bacterial infections, respiratory issues, fungal infections, and even dental disease can also cause sneezing as a symptom. 

When is it time to be worried?

If your cat seems to be sneezing frequently and it’s not letting up, it’s worth checking with your vet. If you see other symptoms like wheezing, nasal discharge or crusted mucus around the nose, loss of appetite, coughing, etc. something is definitely amiss. Set up an office appointment to have your cat examined today. 

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