Taking Good Care of Your Brachycephalic Dog

Do you have a brachycephalic dog? These breeds are those with squashed faces and bulging eyes, like the Boston terrier, Pug, Pekingese, and French and English Bulldog. They have some special care needs to be aware of! Learn more below from vets Washington DC.

Don’t over-exert. 

Because of brachycephalic breeds’ unique anatomy, their respiratory systems aren’t quite as adept as other dogs’ are. They shouldn’t be over-exercised, because they can get exhausted quickly. Keep play sessions relatively short! 

Limit stress levels. 

Stress can affect your brachycephalic dog in a bad way, too, and they may not be able to recover as easily thanks to their limited breathing capacity. At home, try to keep stressful elements to a minimum—loud noises, other pets roughhousing, etc.—to make sure your brachycephalic breed stays as calm as possible. 

Maintain dental health. 

The facial structure of your brachycephalic dog tends to crowd the teeth together. This can easily create problems in the dental department. Make sure to maintain Fido’s dental hygiene with regular brushing, chew toys, dental sticks, and veterinary checkups. 

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