Care Tips for Senior Dogs

If your dog is getting up there in the age department, it’s important to make some special considerations regarding their health. Our senior dogs need love and attention now more than they ever have! Below, your vet clinic Pembroke Pines, FL gives you a few tips on great senior dog care. 

Feed the right diet.

Your older companion’s dietary needs have changed significantly from the time he was a little puppy. Fido’s diet should reflect that. Make sure your dog is getting a diet made specifically for the needs of aging canines; ask your vet to recommend a great choice. 

Keep up with light exercise.

Just because your dog is older doesn’t mean he doesn’t need exercise anymore. The opposite is true—exercise is important to keep your dog’s joints and muscles limber and stave off arthritis pain and obesity. Go on walks around the neighborhood and have short play sessions at home. Fido will thank you!

See the vet frequently. 

When your vet sees your pup frequently, health concerns can be caught early. This is more important than ever now that your dog is a senior. 

Make your canine companion’s appointment with your veterinarian Pembroke Pines, FL. We’re here to help!