Why Won’t Fluffy Use Her Bathroom Box?

Has your cat been eliminating outside of her litter box? It’s a relatively common problem among our feline friends. Below, a veterinarian Carmel Valley tells you about some of the most common reasons and what to do about it. 

It’s too dirty.

Cats don’t like doing their business in a dirty bathroom. If the litter box isn’t scooped out often enough, your cat might refuse to use it. We recommend scooping out your cat’s waste daily and changing the litter entirely about once a week. 

It’s not in the right place.

If your cat’s litter box is located in a noisy, heavily trafficked area of the house, they might refuse to use it because they keep getting disturbed. Make sure the box is put in a quiet area where your cat can do her business in peace. 

Your cat is ill or injured.

It’s possible that a physical injury or an illness, such as a urinary tract infection, is the reason your cat is not using her box. If you can’t determine another cause, set up an appointment to have your cat examined at the vet’s office. 

Schedule your cat’s office visit with your vet clinic Carmel Valley right away.