3 Health Benefits of Pet Ownership

Your pet provides many wondrous things, including companionship, loyalty, and plenty of fun. Did you know that owning a pet can also be good for your health? Learn how in this article from a veterinarians Bowmanville, ON.

Lower Stress Levels

Studies have shown that those who own pets tend to be, on the whole, less stressed than non-pet owners. This might be simply because of the fact that having a trusted companion to confide in is extremely helpful during stressful times! There’s a reason that pets are sometimes trained as therapy animals—they’re good at sensing our stress and, in many cases, calming us down.

Regular Exercise

Dog owners, in particular, benefit from the regular exercise that their canine companions need. When you’re walking around the block or playing with Fido in the backyard, you’re also burning off calories!

Improved Heart Health

Pet owners tend to have better heart health than non-pet owners. This is probably because of a combination of lower stress and regular exercise—that’s a winning combination for your heart and the cardiovascular system in general.

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