These Parasites Can Harm Pocket Pets

We tend to associate parasitic infection with our canine and feline pets. The truth is that pocket pets—hamsters, guinea pigs, mice, rabbits, rats, gerbils, and the like—are also at risk! Below, your vet North Dallas, TX tells you more.


Since pocket pets are usually quite small, a serious flea infestation can result in life-threatening symptoms fairly quickly. Rabbits and ferrets are the most common pocket pets to come down with flea infestations—let your vet know as soon as you suspect your pet is suffering.


Ticks are especially likely to affect pocket pets who spend time outdoors; perhaps you let your rabbit out in the yard for some exercise time, for instance. Ticks can carry dangerous diseases, so check your pet for ticks regularly and let your vet know if you find one.

Mites and Lice

Mite and lice infestations aren’t common in pocket pets, but they are possible. Fortunately, it’s not usually difficult to treat a mite or lice infestation—you might need to bathe your pet with medicated shampoo for a few weeks.

If you suspect any kind of parasitic infection in your pocket pet, call your vet clinic North Dallas, TX right away.