Helping Your Dog Through His Thunderstorm Anxiety

Is your dog scared of thunderstorms? He’s not alone—many of our canine friends aren’t fond of the loud booms and bright flashes of summer storms. It’s also possible that dogs can sense changes in air pressure and static electricity levels, frightening them even further. Here, your pet clinic Marietta, GA tells you how to help.

Provide Distractions

Many dogs can simply be distracted with a fun toy or a few tasty treats—it’s especially helpful on puppies and younger, more energetic dogs. Try it the next time a storm rolls through and see how your dog does.

Make a Safe Zone

Create a safe zone complete with a dog bed, a few soft blankets, and some favorite toys. Lead your dog to this area when storms are coming, and remain there with him until the bad weather is over. Abandoning your pup during a storm will only make him feel worse!

See Your Vet

If your dog has severe thunderstorm anxiety, ask your veterinarian about further steps. Some dogs benefit from advanced behavioral modification or training, and some can be put on anxiety medication.

Want to know more about thunderstorm anxiety in dogs? Contact your veterinary clinic Marietta, GA today.